FAQ – Any Questions?

Coffee Kiosk Franchise FAQs

What is the capital requirement to open a java detour?
The estimated initial investment, according to the UFOC starts at approximately $276,000.

Do you offer a finance program?
Java Detour does not finance the franchise, but we are on the SBA Franchise Registry and there are franchise lenders who will work to provide favorable SBA financing for a large percentage of the total investment of a Java Detour franchise.

How much is the standard franchise fee for a single franchise?

What are the royalty and advertising fees?
Royalty fees are 4-6% of gross sales. Advertising fees are 1-3% of total gross sales.

How much net profit will my Java Detour franchise store generate?
Please refer to the earnings claim section in our UFOC

When will I receive a copy of the Java Detour UFOC?
Once we have identified you as a qualified Java Detour candidate from the information on the franchise application form and from a personal interview.

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