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Fast Service. At Java Detour, we serve great coffee fast. While our competitors force you to wait, our menu is designed so that any item is ready to go in less than a minute while still maintaining the product’s full quality and excellent taste profile.


Java Detour Roast Master and Sourcing. At Java Detour, we roast our own coffees and espresso. Coffee is roasted each week to maintain freshness and quality of flavor.



Industry Leading Frozen Beverages. The Company has added to its impressive line of frozen drinks a new line of frozen blended cookie drinks that use premium Mrs. Fields cookies (in select locations).


Coffee Second to None. Java Detour produces some of the world’s best tasting coffees using a specialized micro batch roasting process that ensures the perfect balance between acidity, aroma, body and flavor.



Mighty Leaf Tea. In ancient traditions around the world, a freshly brewed pot of whole tea leaves is revered as the richest in character. Inspired by this legacy, Mighty Leaf crafted the silken Tea Pouch filled with the world’s finest whole tea leaves, herbs, fruits and flavor too big for ordinary tea bags. We partnered with Mighty Leaf Tea to bring you extraordinary and unrivaled exotic tea blends.