Choice of Stores



We have a variety of store concepts so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Our simplest concept is the Java Detour Coffee and Smoothies Drive-Thru. This is a high-profit margin business that can be squeezed onto a small footprint of only 600 square feet.

For larger footprints of 1,250 sq. ft. and up, you can expand the drive-thru concept with seating: the Java Detour Coffee & Smoothies Walk-In/Drive-Thru.

If you prefer to focus on smaller mall- or casino-based stores, you can choose a Java Detour Coffee & Smoothies Kiosk. This can be set up in only 400 sq. ft. and is perfect for high-traffic pedestrian areas.

And for those franchisees who like the idea of a full-service, seated cafe, we have the Java Detour Coffee & Smoothies Cafe concept. This is a high-end yet super-friendly coffee store concept that has already proven to be amazingly successful with our overseas customers and in Las Vegas.

All store models feature eye-catching and cost effective designs that will conform to fit all city and state regulations. Our different store designs allow franchisees to maximize sales revenues from the real estate space available.