Coffee Roasting

Coffee RoasterEvery coffee bean receives a lot of attention before making it’s way into your cup, and perhaps the most important step is the coffee roasting process.

Roasting coffee beans is an art form that roasters must study for years before they become an expert. Not only do roasters have to know how to properly take green coffee beans and roast them to perfection, but they also have to be able to quickly read beans and see how close they are to being done, what level roast they are and more. If done incorrectly, then the flavor and aromas that are released during the process are lost or spoiled, and a perfect batch can be ruined in just a few seconds of over roasting.

A majority of roasters give their roasts special names that help coffee franchises and coffee businesses to differentiate between light, medium, medium dark and dark roasted beans. At Java Detour, we order beans that are roasted to perfection to several different categories, including Full City Roast, which is a medium dark blend, Northern Italian Roast, which is a lighter roast, and Light French Roast and Vienna Roast, which are both dark varieties.

Each color roast is delicious and is perfect for different uses, but many people often find that a certain roast or type of roast is their favorite. If you haven’t found yours yet, be sure to sample several of our drinks to familiarize yourself with each. You can also speak to ny of our employees for advice on the different options that are open to you and for guidance on which drink you might enjoy next.

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