More Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Last week we gave you several uses for your used coffee grounds around your business or home including using them to deodorize your fridge and hands, fertilizing your plants and keeping insects away. Here are a few more of our favorite uses for grinds:

If you have a problem with cats using your garden or backyard as a litter box, sprinkle a mixture of orange peels and used coffee grinds around the area you want to keep feline-free.

If the tables at your house are getting scuffed up, brew the grounds with a bit of hot water, then dip a Q-tip into the mix and rub them over the scratches. This will help cover the scratches and make your tables look good as new.

If you have ever used the same light-colored cup for coffee on a daily basis, you know the staining power that coffee has. Steep the used grounds in hot water to make a dye that will work for Easter eggs, paper, fabric and other items. You can increase the color by adding more grounds or soaking your items for longer in the resulting liquid.

Since grounds are slightly abrasive, you can use them to scour grease and grime from stain-resistant objects. If you use them on objects that are prone to stains, they will be clean, but may start to pick up a brown color. Make sure you use the grounds with a little bit of water in a washing sink so they don’t stain your floor or make a mess.

That’s it…no more blogs about used coffee grounds…we promise.

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