Tips for Opening a Coffee House

You’ve decided you want to open a coffee shop. Now the real work begins. Here are a few tips and steps that you need to follow to get the beans rolling before you can start brewing:

  • Step one is determining whether you want to open an independent coffee house or a store that is part of a coffee shop franchise. An independent coffee business offers more freedom, but a coffee franchise offers greater security, an established brand, and customer-base and inside knowledge on the coffee shop industry from which you can draw.
  • Next, consider the location of your new coffee house. About three-fourths of your business’s success will depend on where you decide to open your doors, so finding the right locale should take a serious amount of consideration and time. If you are opening a franchise, you don’t necessarily have to consider where other stores are located, as studies have shown that customers are likely to frequent the store that is closer to them, even if only by a block. Make sure your coffee store is located near a business center or another busy shopping center, so that people see it, smell the coffee, and purchase a drink.
  • With coffee houses, ambiance is important. This means you need to think about the lighting, the seating, decoration on the walls, and more. These things should all come together to create one cohesive, comfortable mood in your store.
  • Once you have your physical store all figured out, continue with that ambiance and create a brand that you can begin marketing. With marketing, your goals are to generate a larger customer base, to get each customer to purchase more products, to purchase more expensive products, and to buy products that give you a greater profit.

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