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How Coffee Is Produced

Coffee beans are grown in more than 80 countries spread throughout Central and Southern America, including Brazil — which is the largest coffee exporter — and the Caribbean; Africa, including Ethiopia, which produces some of the most flavorful coffee beans in the world; and Asia, including Vietnam, which rose in popularity in the late 1990s…. Read more »

Location, Location, Location

Many people have the dream of owning a coffee shop, someday, but what sets the failed attempts apart from the success stories? One of the major factors is location. It doesn’t matter if you have a coffee shop that is truly superior to the other ten in your city if you are located in an… Read more »

Coffee Roasting

Every coffee bean receives a lot of attention before making it’s way into your cup, and perhaps the most important step is the coffee roasting process. Roasting coffee beans is an art form that roasters must study for years before they become an expert. Not only do roasters have to know how to properly take… Read more »

Why Java Detour is a Great Place to Work

Why Java Detour is a Great Place to Work Our employees and coffee shop franchise owners love working with us for many different reasons, including our commitment to superior coffee products, our finely tuned training programs and our assistance with everything from obtaining a lease to making sure our employees have everything they need to… Read more »