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Coffee Roasting

Every coffee bean receives a lot of attention before making it’s way into your cup, and perhaps the most important step is the coffee roasting process. Roasting coffee beans is an art form that roasters must study for years before they become an expert. Not only do roasters have to know how to properly take… Read more »

Why Java Detour Is the Best

In a world ruled by coffee houses, it can seem difficult to add another coffee shop franchise to the mix. At Java Detour, we believe our products are superior to those offered by other coffee franchises and coffee businesses. A majority of our beans are grown at very high elevations in Ethiopia, which many coffee… Read more »

More Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Last week we gave you several uses for your used coffee grounds around your business or home including using them to deodorize your fridge and hands, fertilizing your plants and keeping insects away. Here are a few more of our favorite uses for grinds: If you have a problem with cats using your garden or… Read more »

Java Detour’s Unique Coffees and Beverages

At  Java Detour we have designed all of the drinks for our stores based on our love of coffee and our desire to have unique, delicious options. We believe it isn’t enough for a coffee drive-thru to only offer the standard mochas, lattes and cappuccinos, and be satisfied.  Instead we seek to offer more unique… Read more »

What can You Do with Used Coffee Grounds?

As a coffee lover, you likely produce several pounds of coffee grounds,  every year. Rather than simply disposing of these used grounds, there are many different crafts and uses that enable you to recycle your used coffee grounds. Here are a few of our favorites: Coffee is great for deodorizing. This is why perfume or… Read more »

Why Java Detour is a Great Place to Work

Why Java Detour is a Great Place to Work Our employees and coffee shop franchise owners love working with us for many different reasons, including our commitment to superior coffee products, our finely tuned training programs and our assistance with everything from obtaining a lease to making sure our employees have everything they need to… Read more »