Coffee Roasting

Coffee RoasterEvery coffee bean receives a lot of attention before making it’s way into your cup, and perhaps the most important step is the coffee roasting process.

Roasting coffee beans is an art form that roasters must study for years before they become an expert. Not only do roasters have to know how to properly take green coffee beans and roast them to perfection, but they also have to be able to quickly read beans and see how close they are to being done, what level roast they are and more. If done incorrectly, then the flavor and aromas that are released during the process are lost or spoiled, and a perfect batch can be ruined in just a few seconds of over roasting.

A majority of roasters give their roasts special names that help coffee franchises and coffee businesses to differentiate between light, medium, medium dark and dark roasted beans. At Java Detour, we order beans that are roasted to perfection to several different categories, including Full City Roast, which is a medium dark blend, Northern Italian Roast, which is a lighter roast, and Light French Roast and Vienna Roast, which are both dark varieties.

Each color roast is delicious and is perfect for different uses, but many people often find that a certain roast or type of roast is their favorite. If you haven’t found yours yet, be sure to sample several of our drinks to familiarize yourself with each. You can also speak to ny of our employees for advice on the different options that are open to you and for guidance on which drink you might enjoy next.

Why Java Detour Is the Best

In a world ruled by coffee houses, it can seem difficult to add another coffee shop franchise to the mix. At Java Detour, we believe our products are superior to those offered by other coffee franchises and coffee businesses.

A majority of our beans are grown at very high elevations in Ethiopia, which many coffee connoisseurs and roasters consider to be one of the best coffee-growing countries in the world. The beans that come out of Ethiopia tend to be more flavorful and rich, and are grown by families who have been cultivating the beans for many generations. Instead of harvesting the beans out of large, impersonal fields, many of the beans are grown in family-owned gardens next to their fruits and vegetables. Each bean gets a good amount of care and attention before it reaches our roasters.

We offer a range of roasts, from light to dark, including a house roast and a French roast. We also offer decaf beans and espresso, which is ground from a Northern Italian Roast of coffee that produces dark brown beans that are shiny with oil and slightly lighter than a full French roast.

Instead of sending our beans through a mass, off-site roaster, we hand-roast each of our beans to specific, high-standard roasts, and offer only the best to our customers. Our coffee can be purchased by the pound in bags that are fully lined to guarantee freshness and quality in each cup. We also offer a wide range of delicious coffee drinks in each of our stores that are made with our premium roasted beans.

More Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Last week we gave you several uses for your used coffee grounds around your business or home including using them to deodorize your fridge and hands, fertilizing your plants and keeping insects away. Here are a few more of our favorite uses for grinds:

If you have a problem with cats using your garden or backyard as a litter box, sprinkle a mixture of orange peels and used coffee grinds around the area you want to keep feline-free.

If the tables at your house are getting scuffed up, brew the grounds with a bit of hot water, then dip a Q-tip into the mix and rub them over the scratches. This will help cover the scratches and make your tables look good as new.

If you have ever used the same light-colored cup for coffee on a daily basis, you know the staining power that coffee has. Steep the used grounds in hot water to make a dye that will work for Easter eggs, paper, fabric and other items. You can increase the color by adding more grounds or soaking your items for longer in the resulting liquid.

Since grounds are slightly abrasive, you can use them to scour grease and grime from stain-resistant objects. If you use them on objects that are prone to stains, they will be clean, but may start to pick up a brown color. Make sure you use the grounds with a little bit of water in a washing sink so they don’t stain your floor or make a mess.

That’s it…no more blogs about used coffee grounds…we promise.

Java Detour’s Unique Coffees and Beverages

At  Java Detour we have designed all of the drinks for our stores based on our love of coffee and our desire to have unique, delicious options. We believe it isn’t enough for a coffee drive-thru to only offer the standard mochas, lattes and cappuccinos, and be satisfied.  Instead we seek to offer more unique options that tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Here are a few of our favorite coffee concoctions that are available at Java Detour locations:

  •  Oreo Cookie Latte — This blended drink combines your favorite coffee flavors with a traditional cookies and cream flair. The flavor is intense and unique, and the drink is sweet enough that you will be happy drinking it in the morning as a pick me up, or in the evening as dessert.
  • Black and White Mocha — This mocha uses half white chocolate and half darker chocolate to bring you a uniquely blended chocolate flavor. The taste is intense and chocolaty, and you are sure to crave it for days to come.
  • Tropical Green Tea Latte — Many people have started ordering Earl Grey tea lattes, but fewer have discovered how delicious green tea lattes are. The delicate flavors in the green tea blend perfectly with the sugars in the steamed milk to create a milky, mild beverage.
  • Orange Dulce Tea Latte — Like the green tea latte, this drink is more delicate than black tea lattes. The orange pairs well with the steamed milk to create a delicate, satisfying drink.

You should also try requesting a custom drink once you’ve tasted all of our unique beverages. Mix up and combine the syrups in your blended drinks to create beverages that are truly you.

What can You Do with Used Coffee Grounds?

As a coffee lover, you likely produce several pounds of coffee grounds,  every year. Rather than simply disposing of these used grounds, there are many different crafts and uses that enable you to recycle your used coffee grounds. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Coffee is great for deodorizing. This is why perfume or cologne stores keep coffee beans in a small bowl to help you clear your nose before smelling a new scent. To deodorize your home or business, dry the used grounds on a cookie sheet or a piece of wax paper and then put them in a small bowl. Keep the bowl in your freezer or fridge to absorb any smells. This will help your butter and other dairy products that tend to take on tastes and smells to stay fresh. You can also rub the grounds on your hands after handling strong-smelling foods, like onions or garlic, to remove the odor.
  • Ants and other insects don’t like coffee grounds, so sprinkle them around windows, doors and other areas where you don’t want ants, slugs, snails and other bugs entering your home. If you find that bugs are eating your plants, sprinkle them around the edges of the pod or on the leaves to keep bugs away.
  • If you have plants in or around your home or business, you can use the grounds as fertilizer in the soil. Make sure you check if the plants you have prefer acidic soil before adding the grounds. If they do, they will thrive with the addition of the grounds. Several common plants that do better when given used coffee grounds are roses, rhododendrons, evergreens, camellias and azaleas.

So don’t throw those used grounds away, look around and see where you can put them to good use.

How To Start Your Own Franchise Store

Franchise vs. Independent

When it comes to opening a business, there are two paths an entrepreneur can travel. The first is to go the independent route, starting a business from scratch with no prior business reputation. This route tends to be harder since the budding businessperson needs to come up with a business plan, identify target audience, find funding, and build clientele, all through trial and error. This can be done, but not without some sacrifices.


Franchising, on the other hand, tends to be much simpler than going the independent route. Becoming a member of a franchise chain takes some of the guess work out of starting a business. With franchising, the parent company will lend the entrepreneur rights to the desired name or trademark. The entrepreneur will still need to find funding to back this business deal, but many of the responsibilities of starting a business will already be taken care of. The franchise name will lend credibility to the business and an existing clientele that already seeks out the products or services sold.


In addition to basic product name franchising, an aspiring entrepreneur can choose to a business format franchising agreement. During this agreement, the entrepreneur will not only have the rights to the product name, but will also receive a full range of services associated with the business. This builds an ongoing relationship between the two parties, making it even easier for an entrepreneur to open a successful business.

How To Start Your Own Franchise Store

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